Tuesday, April 30, 2013

27 weeks

Size of baby: almost 2 lbs!, 14 1/2 inches long, about the size of a head of cauliflower
Total weight gain: 27 lbs
Name: We have a name, but aren't really broadcasting it. It is a family name that is really special to us!
Stretch marks: on my bum... atleast they are fading a little bit now...
Sleep: It has been about the same. I was down in Ft. Lauderdale with my mom for half of my 27th week and she got to experience my weird have-to-get-up-in-the-middle-of-the-night-to-eat-rituals. Also, lets just say I missed my body pillow!! However, I've still been sleeping better since I started taking a ZMA supplement. Its getting harder and harder to switch sides (which I have to do every hour or so), but I'm learning!
Best moment of the week: Probably when my mom was saying goodbye to Baby C he gave a big kick! Also, when I got to the airport my husband had a bouquet of beautiful hot pink roses :)
Miss anything?: This week I miss being able to sit for longer than 30 minutes at a time without getting numb in some area of my body or not being able to breathe deeply. And the usual stuff like laying on my back and drinking Diet Coke whenever I want.
Movement: He has been as active as ever this week (I feel like I'm going to keep saying that every week until he gets here!) - He still sticks to my lower belly on the left - but in the last few days he has been moving up farther into my ribs which I have never felt before, its awesome to have less pressure on my bladder/organs.
Belly button in or out?: In....and still getting flatter..
Food cravings: strawberries and chocolate cake.
Queasy/sick?: On my metro ride home from work almost every evening. I've been very thankful for the kind people who have given up their seat for me.
Symptoms: Still normal pregnancy stuff - round ligament pain, itchy tummy and lower back aches. Lots of soreness on my lower belly, I can feel a growth spurt coming. I've been having braxton hicks contractions in every other evening or so, which makes the nausea especially not fun.
Wedding ring on or off?: Wedding band is on, engagement ring is off - probably until after baby boy gets here!
General mood: This week I've been particularly emotional - random crying and moodiness. I've been in kind of a funk coming back to work after vacation and also with Morgan being buried in school, work and job hunting (which at least that part is over, yay!)... I've been trying to get outside walking more, which always helps my mood :)
Looking forward to: This is a few weeks off - but I can't stop thinking about it! Morgan is graduating on May 17th with his masters, and I CAN'T WAIT!

and of course, some pictures from vacation...

my nice swollen feet on the sand.

at our fave breakfast spot - Ocean View Delight :)

blurry pic from the delicious homemade icecream shop around the corner from our hotel

I still dream about this lemonade. seriously baby boy jumps and kicks for joy everytime i drink lemonade!

introducing baby boy to the Atlantic ocean!

had to visit a local DDD place - buttermilk panckaes were delish!

bump and the beach!

strawberry lemonade. very addicting.

pregnancy craving to the max!

please ignore my face/double chin - baby boy was soaking in some vitamin D... for about 5 minutes!

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