Thursday, April 4, 2013

Months 4 - 6...

4th month (February): This month flew by I felt like - Morgan's birthday and Valentine's Day and then I visited my sister in San Diego. Everything in between was filled with work, Morgan's thesis and school work, and church stuff. We are den leaders for the Bears at church (9 yr olds) so that has been very interesting! I continued to feel better this month - more energy, more like myself everyday. This is the month I started swimming laps, which has made a wonderful impact! Morgan has been a great teacher! Visiting my sister was definitely the highlight of the month, though! It was wonderful to see her and experience a sliver of her life out in CA. We went hiking, to the tide pools, around downtown, and of course walked on the beach! It was fun to be able to share a part of my pregnancy with my sister since she lives so far away.

baby bear!

this is the moment I felt pregnant in the front - 15 weeks

this is officially when I lost my cheek bones - 16 weeks

on a hike at Lake Fairfax

date night!

Morgan's 27th Birthday!

Valentine's Day

17 weeks

loves his daddy!

introduced baby to the beach

19 weeks

5th month (March): Right after I got back from CA at the end of February I remember I felt like I popped - I was 18 weeks while I was in CA. So March was the  month of the changing belly. Also, March 4th is when we found out we were having a boy! It was very exciting. We secretly conspired with people in the cities of our parents and had them drop off balloon bouquets that we ordered after the ultrasound. It was a fun to be able to surprise them even from far away. In March I was able to feel baby boy move and flutter (around 19 weeks) and then start kicking (probably around week 21) That was definitely the best part of the pregnancy other than seeing him because it was a reminder to me everytime I felt him that he was growing and healthy and strong. I still feel like every kick and movement is a blessing.

20 weeks

its a boy!

one of our first baby things thanks to our parents!

number one craving this month (still is!!) DQ hot fudge sundae

one set of my parents came to visit! Great Falls Park!

21 weeks

Morgan and I go to Chick-fil-A after every OB appointment for breakfast!

22 weeks - going on 23

went to the temple and it was a wonderful reminder of how sacred this family is that we have!

St. Patty's Day tradition!

always on the look out - hes gotten so big!

6th month (April): Yay! I'm caught up! This week I'm officially 24 weeks, or 6 months, pregnant! I keep telling people this is by far the best part because I feel Baby C kick all the time! He is the most active later in the day and at night, but in general I feel him move and kick when I'm sitting and move around when I'm standing up too! When I lay down to go to sleep Morgan and I can just sit there and watch him dance! Its like he is so happy he has more room to move around and does a bunch of flips! With all his growth spurts, I'm definitely starting to feel more aches and pains in my back/hips/etc - and I wake up every few hours at night, either from discomfort or from having to go to the bathroom. The body pillow that Morgan got me for Christmas has definitely been super helpful in the sleep department, though! I continue to swim every week and am going to start doing more strengthening workouts for my back since that is my main source of discomfort right now - and definitely won't be getting any better! This month I've started feeling like a wife again! I've started making dinner more often and going grocery shopping regularly (not just randomly to buy cereal!) I was feeling great about my weigth gain probably until a week ago and then every so often I start to worry about it. I eat relatively healthy and try to exercise atleast 3 times a week - however I still work 50+ hour/week so I think I'm retaining more water than usual because of stress. Either way I'm trying to be 'nicer to myself' as Morgan puts it and try to focus on the important part of this pregnancy, which is our new baby boy! Especially since I will only gain more from here on out! I'm just grateful Baby C is growing strong and healthy! It also doesn't hurt that I have such wonderful people in my life who are so supportive and pay me such nice compliments - you know who are you are thank you for your sweet words!

Rice Krispie Easter eggs!

'homemade' spaghetti and meat sauce

23 weeks

Easter Sunday!


Bear loves his walks
Now that I'm caught up I'm going to try and do weekly updates with some fun facts and updates on our life - and then hopefully post pictures in between!

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