Wednesday, April 10, 2013


This past weekend was General Conference so we enjoyed some time at home! We took Bear to the dog park on Saturday morning and Sunday between sessions and he was a happy camper!

I also made my dad's pancakes. And they reminded me of home :)

on another trip to the dog park. Bear does so well with a tennis ball. He has learned to drop it right at our feet. He has come a very long way since being a possesive little puppy! (of course, he still gets possessive over ropes... but we are still working on that)

Dorito Spicy Nacho chips have been my most recent craving

On Friday Night (these pictures are a bit backwards, sorry!) we went with our BFFs Jared and Ashley to see Brian Regan in Baltimore. I remember listening to him whenever Ashley and I were new freshmen - we would listen to that CD over and over! Funny how its been almost 8 years now and we finally saw him live - with each other and our husbands! Time flies! 

And another pic of Bear - this time after the dog park - very tired and trying to cool off on the hard wood :)

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