Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The first 3 months...

So since I have not posted publicly (I've been trying to keep a journal!) about the pregnancy up until this point I thought that I could jot down some highlights from the first 6 months since tomorrow I will be 24 weeks pregnant. This post is dedicated to the first 3!

Zero month (October): At this point I had no idea that I was pregnant (I only was the last 2 weeks of the month as it turns out) - but looking back after we look the pregnancy test, I should have known! I had all the normal pregnancy symptoms, but attributed it to stress, exhaustion, hormone imbalance from going off the pill, etc etc etc.

on a date night - very oblivious!

our first born

1st month (November): So we found out on November 15th that we were pregnant but didn't know how far along we were (turns out we were only 4 weeks pregnant!). That night we celebrated by making tacos at home - very late (and a turns out a very bad decision). I had not left work until 7 so we were eating around 9. After we ate, I started feeling terrible. I didn't know if it was that I all a sudden knew I was pregnant or what. Well I woke up at 2 AM and (sorry to be gross!) could not stop throwing up. Everything I had eaten the night before, plus more somehow. I tried to go back to sleep, but two hours later I woke up and ran to the bathroom and did it all over again. Morgan was sitting there holding my hair and rubbing my back the whole time - he is a saint. At that point I was worried that I had also gotten some form of his flu that he had the weekend before - we took my temperature and I was at 99. I sent an e-mail to my boss and went back to sleep. I woke up and tried to drink as much fluids and each as much as I could. I couldn't keep anything down. I made an appointment with my doctor the next day to make sure everything was OK and get a blood test done. Everything turned out fine obviously - my fever broke, I was able to hydrate and baby was OK. The rest of November was more nausea and morning sickness. We told our immediate families that we were pregnant over the Thanksgiving holiday, which was the highlight of my Thanksgiving because I could barely eat anything without getting nauseous. The smells were the worst!

begging for grub

my sister in I in Charleston, SC
2nd Month (December): This is the month that we saw Baby C for the first time. I went in for my first appointment (thinking I was 8 weeks because of the blood test!) and found out I was only 6. I was very irregular before I got pregnant and no one could really pin down how far along I really was. So we went in 2 weeks later and the sonogram looked like a normal 8 week sonogram. (a huge relief, and blessing!) The best moment of Morgan and I's life up until that point, that is for sure. I will always remember that moment - hearing the heartbeat and knowing that it was our baby growing inside me. The rest of the month was filled with Christmas and more nausea and morning sickness. I was also extremely tired so it was a lot of working, coming home to sit on the couch, trying to eat, and going bed - and then repeat. Riding the metro was the hardest part (it still is!) because not only was I extremely sick, but I obviously was not showing so I had to stand most of the time. Also, not telling our friends and extended family until Christmas was hard to do!

8 week sonogram

10 weeks - Christmas Day!

day after Christmas

a cute picture of Bear, just because 

New Years Eve in Annapolis

on the dock in Annapolis

3rd month (January): This month was the month that I moved into my 2nd trimester and told work about the baby! It was starting to get hard to hide my new belly - even though it was mostly looked like I was just getting chubby in the midsection, I was running out of flowy shirts to wear! I was still very sick most of the month but around the 16th week I started feeling a little bit more like myself. I remember that this is the month that I started getting cravings - they were mostly pizza, pasta and bagels. Apparently carbs, carbs, carbs. In January we also got to see the baby again - the day after my birthday! He was very active, his heart was strong and seeing him again was again one of the best moments of our lives! I remember Morgan asking questions and saying "wow" every few moments - and of course I was crying!

12 weeks!

my birthday weekend - I remember feeling like I started to look pregnant. I was very naive!

26th Birthday!

13 week ultrasound!

3D - Hands in front of his face, like normal!

I remember that this was the only thing that calmed my stomach that day.

14 weeks

celebrating Morgan's birthday early - Lumineers concert

...months 4 - 6 coming soon!

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