Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Baby C's Nursey

So I finally have the room mostly done so I wanted to share a few pictures! This used to be Morgan's study/our storage room and there was a lot of work that we put into getting it baby ready! It is technically a 'den' so there isn't much space. We have the bassinet in our room, and won't be getting a crib until we know if we will be renewing our lease (it comes up in September!) so thankfully it's not too crowded.

view from door

the giraffes on the right are actually from a gift bag from one of my baby showers :)

yes, i know... PINK! the glider is a find from Craigslist and we haven't recovered the cushions yet....

the Batman print still needs a frame... and Morgan's power lifting trophys are on proud display! Like I said... mostly done! :)

the quilt made by Baby C's Grandma Bennett - and no, we won't be broadcasting his name yet... you will just have to wait until he is here :)

This is Bear's new favorite room, of course.

This print (albiedesigns on etsy) is the first thing I got for Baby C's room... I don't know how long we will be living here in the DC area, but I wanted a little keepsake from where Baby C was born :)

Bear keeps trying to 'play' with the giraffe. It has been good practice for 'leave it'!