Tuesday, April 23, 2013

26 weeks

Size of baby: 14 inches, 1 2/3rds, size of a big 'ol cucumber
Total weight gain: honestly, didn't weight myself this week - but I'm going to guess more than 25 lbs!
Name: We have a name, but aren't really broadcasting it. It is a family name that is really special to us!
Stretch marks: on my bum... still!
Sleep: I've been sleeping better since I started taking a ZMA supplement after getting the OK from my OB. Still wake up every hour or so, but its been easier to go back to sleep - the whole flipping from one side to the other is getting a lot harder though with this growing belly! I still wake up at 5 every morning and have to eat something - baby gets hungry!
Best moment of the week: On Saturday I flew down to Ft. Lauderdale (still here until tomorrow!) to meet my mom for a mini vacation! I desperately needed a break from work!
Miss anything?: Feta cheese. And the usual stuff like laying on my back and drinking Diet Coke whenever I want.
Movement: He has been as active as ever this week (I feel like I'm going to keep saying that every week until he gets here!) - I feel like he is going to be a water lover because he goes crazy when I'm in the shower and when I swim laps. I also love watching my bare belly dance when I'm just sitting on the couch/bed.
Belly button in or out?: In....and still getting flatter..
Food cravings: butterfingers, french toast and pancakes.
Queasy/sick?: none of that this week, thank goodness!
Symptoms: Still normal pregnancy stuff - round ligament pain, itchy tummy and lower back aches - the last few days have been filled with soreness and braxton hicks contractions every once in awhile too.
Wedding ring on or off?: Wedding band is on, engagement ring is off - probably until after baby boy gets here!
General mood: Happy, tired and hungry!
Looking forward to: Seeing my husband and puppy tomorrow night when I fly home - its only been a few days, but I miss them! 

there is one of these for each of my weekly pictures - Bear likes to be included :)

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