Tuesday, May 7, 2013

28 weeks

Size of baby: almost 2 1/4 lbs, 14.8 inches long, about the size of a head of chinese cabbage (say what??)
Total weight gain: 30 lbs
Name: We have a name, but aren't really broadcasting it. It is a family name that is really special to us!
Stretch marks: on my bum... atleast they are fading a little bit now...
Sleep: Well, when I actually GO to sleep its been fine - wake up to change sides, go to the bathroom, or eat - but I've been having a bit of pregnancy insomnia lately and not going to bed until midnight or after. I can't seem to turn my mind off and baby boy can't seem to stop wiggling :)
Best moment of the week: Last night Morgan was saying goodnight to baby boy and he always feels for his kicks and wiggles. Well last night he was laying completely horizontally, so Morgan had his left hand on one side of my belly and his right hand on the other side, and baby boy kept stretching out and bumping both sides. It was so fun to watch Morgan feel that!
Miss anything?: My energy! Now that the third trimester has started, I've noticed a big difference in my energy levels already. It reminds me a lot of the first trimester, actually! I have to sit down and rest every hour, and normal activities, such as walking from the car to the church, is a chore sometimes!
Movement: Continues to be very active! He was pretty quiet for a few days this week, but hes been making it up every other day. I'm used to the movements when I lay or sit down, but it continues to amaze me when hes bouncin around when I'm standing or walking around... and especially in the shower or the pool.
Belly button in or out?: In....and still getting flatter..
Food cravings: strawberries, strawberries, strawberries.
Queasy/sick?: yes... unfortunately I've experienced some of that third trimester morning sickness. and the metro still plagues me.
Symptoms: This week I've felt more braxton hicks contractions, and my feet hurt a lot more! I can't really be barefoot anymore without my feet starting to ache after about 30 minutes. I've started wearing my flips flops when I'm home, and heels are getting harder to wear at work.
Wedding ring on or off?: Wedding band is on, engagement ring is off - probably until after baby boy gets here!
General mood: This week has been fine - the nausea and insomnia haven't been fun - but baby boy is moving more and more - we heard his heartbeat again on Thursday at our OB appointment, and I continue to get bigger and bigger which means he's growing healthy and strong! 
Looking forward to: Morgan's last paper and one of his finals is tonight, so I'm excited for that to be over! Other than that, I'm still looking forward to graduation - and our babymoon right after! :)

my first baby boy being a baby

he likes to nest just as much as i do

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