Thursday, April 18, 2013

life lately.

The past week has been consumed with lots of work on Morgan's thesis, my work and getting things done around the house - so pretty uneventful but still very stressful. We try to take time to spend just the two of us in the midst of times like this so we can refresh, talk and remember to focus on the most important things.

last Friday I worked from home after our OB appointment. Baby boy liked it, I think.

on Saturday night we had a date night to our favorite burger place in the city - BTS. It was a perfect pause in the business of the weekend to focus on the things we love - each other - and food!

Bear sleeps in weird positions on that chair of his. Yes, he has claimed it - we taught him not to get on the couch anymore, so that was our comprise. Yes, the pup is very spoiled.

On Sunday nights I try to iron Morgan's clothes for the week. I knew that this week was going to be a doosy with finalizing his thesis and getting approval from his committee, so I actually did it!

This was the day  at work that someone asked me if I was having twins. Lately, since I've gotten noticeably bigger, I'm getting used to comments like this - I laugh them off because the way that I see it, the bigger my belly gets, the bigger this baby is getting and that is a good sign! I would be more worried if I wasnt growing! Also, if it wasn't obvious, this is not a maternity dress - its one of my thrift store finds that ties in the back - but its starting to get shorter in the front now!

For Cub Scouts this week we picked up trash along the main road outside our complex - it lines a highschool where all the kids park so we  have been noticing it getting pretty nasty. The kids were a big help!

Morgan and Bear were a big help, too :)

the boys at the end!

So this is where Bear normally lays whenever I'm getting ready in the morning. The plugs in our bathroom don't work so I have to curl my hair in our bedroom on the floor - and he just lays next to me the whole time - usually he has his head on my thigh, but sometimes he will lay on his back just waiting on me to rub his belly. its pretty dang cute!

This week an old friend of ours from Memphis was in town for work - We actually started at the Fed the same day back in June 2009, but once Morgan and I started dating they became friends as well. We had dinner and froyo, but it was wonderful to catch up!

So Morgan would articulate the most important news we found out this week better than I can - but he also doesn't usually like 'tooting his own horn' so I will do it for him. Yesterday we found out that Morgan's entire thesis committee approved his thesis. This means a lot of different things - that we don't have to defer until the summer for graduation, that he can walk in May, and he can start working on his final projects and papers for his last remaining classes - but really to us it means so much more. I'm very grateful for such a hard working husband that balances all the many things on his plate so gracefully and with such unwavering determination. Now its only down to 2 papers and 2 finals - and then graduation May 17th! We can't wait!

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