Thursday, April 25, 2013

just some quick thoughts.

a random photo from this weekend in a random beach shop. with a half eaten ice cream cone in my hand.

These days, every time I catch my full profile in the mirror like this, I do a double take. I mean, how crazy is this thing called pregnancy??

The changes that my body are going through are immense. I think everyone generally knows this, and of course all the moms out there know it even more personally, but I very genuinely feel so grateful that I get to go through those changes. I have days that I can't believe how much cellulite a girl can grow on her backside. Days that my feet hurt, and my fingers swell, my lower back feels like its going to literally crack in half. But then, in a  moment - moments that have been coming more and more frequently these days - when my baby boy flutters, or kicks or does a somersault, I remember why I feel this way. Because my body, that my Heavely Father built, is building another body. And its never done this before. and its stretching and growing and doing everything to support this growing baby boy. In those moments I forget all the uncomfortable parts and I look at this growing belly with such pride and emotion, and I feel gratitude.

The past few weeks I've gone through some emotional times, as I'm sure everyone has. Some were experienced with the rest of the nation - and some were experienced with my husband, while others were my own - but in each of those moments I kept going back to one feeling - hope. That even in the midst of these emotional, sometimes, hard, times - there is hope. With this life growing inside me, how can I deny the power of our Heavenly Father in our life? That he is, and always will be, the driving force in this world. And with that knowledge, there can only really be hope in times of turmoil.

Already this little boy is teaching his momma some life lessons. I can't wait for the many more that will come.

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