Friday, June 21, 2013

35 weeks

Size of baby: 5 1/3 lbs, over18 inches long, about the size of a honey dew melon
Total weight gain: around 39 lbs.
Name: We have a name, but aren't really broadcasting it. It is a family name that is really special to us!
Stretch marks: please see 29 weeks - and still no stretch marks on my belly - woo hoo!
Sleep: Same as 34 weeks - good nights are more than 5 hrs of sleep and lots of hip pain/dead legs. bad nights are less than 4 hrs of sleep, where I just can't turn my head off and the next day  is the worst day of my life (or that is the way it feels...)
Best moment of the week: My work baby shower and hearing baby's heartbeat!!
Miss anything?: have I mentioned that I miss my normal feet? Because I do - I miss them. I miss being able to normal (read: not waddle) I miss my feet not tingling whenever I stand for more than a few minutes. I miss knowing if my feel have any bones in them. etc. etc. etc.
Movement: Still our crazy wiggler. He likes to push his butt up and then stretch out his arms and karate chop my left side. I have a feeling he is going to be stuck in there sideways (but lets hope not, no breech baby, please!)
 Belly button in or out?: Flat!
Food cravings: butterfingers, strawberries,
Queasy/sick?: Mostly just on the metro.
Symptoms: Swollen everything, braxton hicks contractions at night, headaches every day or so, insomnia, and just general exhaustion.
Wedding ring on or off?: off, off, off. My monster feet and ankles now have monster fingers to match.
General mood: Tired, but getting excited to be able to nest a little more!
Looking forward to: my last day of work (in the office) is a week from today!! yay!

at my work baby shower - with the beautiful sash we had to wear

another prego lady in my department - she is due 3 weeks after me so we got to have a combined shower :)

and yes - they even made us cut the cake. cheesy peasy.

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