Wednesday, May 15, 2013

29 weeks

Size of baby: almost 2 1/2 lbs, 15 inches long, about the size of a butternut squash
Total weight gain: over 30 lbs. lets just leave it at that.
Name: We have a name, but aren't really broadcasting it. It is a family name that is really special to us!
Stretch marks: on my bum... atleast they are fading a little bit now...
Sleep: Still experiencing prego insomnia something fierce. Getting used to less sleep!
Best moment of the week: my first Mother's Day! Even though Baby C isn't here yet, I have felt the changes in my perspective and life beginning to change since we found out we were pregnant! Morgan made the day very special.
Miss anything?: I miss the "control" over my emotions/reactions. For the majority of my pregnancy I've felt pretty even keeled until 2 weeks ago and apparently with the onset of the third trimester that has all changed! I'm beginning to recognize when those feelings come on more quickly now so I can recognize that they aren't "real" and not feel so crazy... but it has a been a learning experience.
Movement: Continues to be very active! My mom was able to see him "do the wave" as I call it when we FaceTimed on Mother's Day and that was fun.
Belly button in or out?: In....and still getting flatter..
Food cravings: strawberries, raspberries, icecream.
Queasy/sick?: usually only on the metro. But if I'm really full and baby boy starts going crazy, it brings on some waves of nausea
Symptoms: Lots of achiness! By the end of the day my feet ache, my back aches, and especially the space right above my belly. I can feel Baby C (and I) going through a growth spurt!
Wedding ring on or off?: Wedding band is on, engagement ring is off
General mood: I'm still very happy most of the time. but those "crazy" moments I wrote about earlier came a little more often than I would have liked.
Looking forward to: Morgan graduates with his masters on Friday! We leave for our babymoon on Sunday!
Mother's Day

Date Night!

and a post cannot go by without a picture of Bear

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